The Blue Roof Franchisee Association (BRFA) is the national association of IHOP franchisees.  The membership includes every IHOP franchisee in the United States, totaling approximately 350 members.  The association, formed in 2010, was founded as an independent voice and leadership for franchisees, within the IHOP system and business and political arenas alike, to promote the owners’ profitability and equity, and find new ways to leverage their strength.


FRANMAC, the Taco Bell Franchise Management Advisory Council, is the official association of Taco Bell franchisees. Every Taco Bell franchisee in the United States is a member of FRANMAC, which is approximately 380 members. The purpose of the association is to enhance the value of a Taco Bell Franchise, improve and strengthen the business operations of the Taco Bell restaurant system, and to facilitate communication between the franchisees and Taco Bell Corp. FRANMAC also to serves as an advisory partner to Taco Bell Corp.


The International Dale Carnegie Franchisee Association (IDCFA) was originally founded in 1964 as a trade association to foster and protect the interests of Dale Carnegie franchisees.  Today their primary role is to be a strategic partner with Dale Carnegie & Associates and bring together franchisees from around the world to create a camaraderie and encourage sharing within the network.

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The International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK-U.S.A.) is an organization of licensed-to-diagnose health care professionals who utilize a range of therapies which focus on prevention, nutrition and wellness. ICAK-U.S.A. is dedicated to furthering the knowledge of health care professionals all over the world.

Through Triad of Health Publishing, ICAK-U.S.A. is able to offer patient education materials to health care professionals for use in their practices.


The IMDA is a volunteer driven association of Midas dealers committed to working together to build success in an honest and ethical manner to protect the integrity of the brand, their own profitability and identify Midas as the clear choice for automotive service with the customer.


The Independent Payroll Providers Association (IPPA) is a national association of privately held companies whose core business is the preparation of payroll and payroll taxes for employers of all sizes. The mission of the IPPA is to provide forums and resources to assist members in advancing their respective organizations and leverage vendors to provide the most current products and services to their client base.

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PMFA is the national association of Papa Murphy’s Franchisees. The membership includes every Papa Murphy’s franchisee in the United States totaling 550 members. The purpose of the association is to protect and improve the profitability and value of the individual Papa Murphy’s franchised store. 


The Professional Association of Small Business Accountants (PASBA) represents Certified Public Accountants, Public Accountants, and Enrolled Agents who provide accounting services to small businesses throughout the United States.  Using the collective resources of this network, Association members offer their clients a level of service and expertise that individual practices are unable to rival.


The mission of the Popeyes International Franchisee Association (PIFA) is to protect the interests of the Popeyes franchise partner community, and to work with the parent company to preserve the system's integrity, spirit, and one-of-a-kind recipe.


The Taco Political Action Committee (PAC) supports those who advocate and pursue governmental policies that promote a favorable business climate for its contributors.


TPG, The Payroll Group, is a national association that brings together independent payroll service providers from across the country to help reduce overhead costs, share success stories and develop common methods to better serve their payroll clients.  TPG  members believe strongly that a payroll client should expect friendly, customer-driven, personal service, and should not have to pay more to get it.  TPG has approximately 100 members, and approximately 60 associate members.

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The KF Franchisee Association (KFFA) is the national association of Krystal franchisees.  Having formed in 2002 with the purpose of fostering and coordinating the activities of the Krystal Franchisees, including without limitation to improve and strengthen the sales, profitability and value of Krystal Franchisees, the KFFA membership includes every Krystal franchisee in the United States.