DCI specializes in planning meetings and workshops of all kinds and sizes throughout the country. DCI coordinates the arrangements from promotion to distribution of materials for annual conventions of thousands to small board meetings. Beginning with site selection, DCI will work with the facility and other necessary vendors to make sure no detail is overlooked.

Facility Arrangements

To ensure that a property fits your meeting's requirements, DCI conducts a site selection and review. After recommending a property to the site committee, DCI will negotiate a contract with group rates and concessions that will enhance your participants' meeting experience. DCI coordinates meeting and sleeping room arrangements with the facility and oversees banquet activities and menu planning. DCI caters to your meeting VIPs by making and verifying their hotel reservations ensuring appropriate accommodations.


Marketing exhibit booths is a DCI specialty. DCI will prepare and promote your meeting to potential vendors implementing new, innovative marketing materials for each meeting. DCI maintains a separate vendor database for registration and requests, vendor promotions, invoicing and booth assignments. DCI monitors exhibitor move-in and dismantling on-site and provides follow-up with attendee lists and notes of gratitude for vendor support. DCI contracts and corresponds with a decorating company to provide drayage, floor plan, and tradeshow materials in the meeting venue.


DCI has vast experience with raising sponsorship dollars for various events. DCI will identify, promote, and secure sponsorship opportunities for your association meeting. DCI will manage all follow up activities including phone calls, collection of funds, collection of logos or advertisements from the appropriate sponsors, and thank you notes or gifts.

Program Events & Activities

DCI will work with outside vendors to successfully coordinate golf tournaments, community service projects, board dinners, parties, or any other activities associated with your meeting. DCI will secure the activity location and work with appropriate staff to coordinate all activities prior to, during, and following your event.

Program & Speaker Selection

DCI works with the association program committee to contact potential speakers or develop a call for presenters. Upon finalizing a program, DCI will negotiate with and contract speakers. Throughout the planning process, DCI will continue to correspond with confirmed speakers to assure a smooth program presentation that meets audience needs as well as provides necessary room specifications and audio-visual requirements for the speaker. Following the meeting, DCI will coordinate speaker thank you notes or gifts, honorarium, or expense reimbursements in accordance with the contract.


DCI will design and maintain registration databases for all of your meetings from which we track and send registration confirmations, process fees, and produce registration reports for meeting committees. From this database, DCI is able to prepare namebadges and registration packets for all attendees. DCI is qualified to handle both pre- and on-site registration.

Continuing Education & Certification Programs

DCI currently has several clients that require continuing education credits in order to keep a member’s license current. DCI is very familiar with coordinating with co-sponsors, i.e. colleges, governing organizations, etc., to have programs accredited for license renewal. DCI has standard procedures in order to communicate the appropriate information to the co-sponsor before and after the meeting to ensure that each member receives the appropriate credit.


DCI negotiates airline discounts for larger meetings which allows percentage discounts on lowest available fares and productivity tickets for the association. DCI also coordinates ground transportation and conveys the modes and rates of these options to meeting attendees.

Legal Compliance & Professional Services

DCI negotiates and secures cancellation, liability, bonding and equipment insurance policies for meeting-related activities as well as handles music licensing fees.


DCI provides publication support for promotional pieces including design, copywriting, and distribution. We will also coordinate printing and shipping of all materials for on-site use.

On-Site Support

DCI will send meeting staff on-site to assist with all facility coordination, registration, general session and workshop needs, and speaker requirements. Staff on-site will allow your board and committee members to enjoy the meeting and spend time marketing and visiting with attendees and vendors instead of worrying about schedules and details.